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Hi all,

We’re half way through November and Kate and I are joining in with #NaNoWriMo this year. In case you’re unfamiliar, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s the time of year where writers power through to get a first draft of that novel they’ve been meaning to write. The challenge is to write 50,000 word in 30 days.

I think the biggest benefit of NaNo is the community. The site allows you to set up a profile, connect with buddies and get access to coaches and prompts, and you can find people talking about it in all the usual social media sites. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ll know I set up a profile. You can become my buddy here. We discuss NaNo on the podcast throughout the month, so if you’re getting involved too let us know.

As the ancient saying goes ‘people reserve the strongest feelings of love and hate for graphs’

As you may know, I’m currently having a love-hate relationship with the graph the site provides. I’ve never been ahead of it, and catching up to it seems increasingly difficult, but without it I doubt I would have written so much already. It’s been fun so far and writing a first draft is definitely better than editing!


8. Have we learned anything at all?

In this episode we discuss how sparks of ideas end up as written stories, what we look for in ideas to  make them into stories, and ponder how we picked the subject or if the subject picked us. This segued neatly into talking about what we would do differently knowing what we now know, and how we’ve obviously developed the perfectly streamlined process by now… probably… or maybe not.

7. Name calling and a writing update

This week we gave a writing update to see how far we had come since the pilot episode, and what were the obstacles in the way.

We then flowed into the thorny subject of naming characters, places and sometimes things. The question of using nicknames or borrowing the associations of distinctive names was .. well, not really answered to tell the truth (!) but they were both discussed.


6. A beard stroker and putting it out there

This week Kate stumped us with an excellent question: what role does the act of listening play in our writing. We grappled with this and finally emerged with some very different thoughts and views (and a conspiracy theory was born: has this whole podcast been set up by my family to get me to
listen more??). 


 Then we moved back to safer ground – putting your writing out there; advantages, challenges, hurdles. How do we do it and why.


5. A good story and a better competition

This week we had a discussion on what makes a good story and what is it that really attracts a reader to a story. We discuss what attributes make our favourite stories our favourites, and what traits should be absolutely avoided.

This was followed by a natter on competitions – the benefits, the pitfalls and really how useful are they to a writer?


4. Raving (classes) and Ranting (writer’s block)

In a continuing discussion from episode 3, the conversation turned to writing classes – what benefits do they bring and why should people do them. As a confessed class-aholic I love a good writing class and attend them frequently, however, interestingly, Kate and Maire never do.

This then lead to a discussion (read: argument/rant) about writer’s block. Mixed in with terribly fake Dublin accents and overtones of feminism, there was a discussion questioning the very existence of writer’s block and, assuming that it is real, how should one overcome it