About Us

It started as a bookclub, then a writers club and now a podcast. We’re Cathy, Kate and Máire, three aspiring fiction writers all living in Ireland. Having faced down the blank screen, submitted to seemingly endless editing and actually completed our work, we’re now looking to the next step. The beginning of this podcast coincides with all of us transitioning from friends and family feedback on completed drafts to getting feedback from professionals, and finding the path to publication ourselves.

Cathy is writing a rom-com/crime novel, Kate is writing an epic fantasy novel, and Máire is writing is writing the sequel to her fantasy novella, After the World.

We have a history of regular meetings and giving each other feedback, as well as enjoying each other’s company and the food and drink that miraculously appears whenever we get together. We each have quite distinct approaches to writing, but somehow it works for us, as we help each other to keep going, get unstuck and have new perspectives on our work. We love talking to other writers and authors.

You can find us on facebook or follow us on twitter @IrishWritersPod. You can follow Cathy on twitter @CathyCClarke and Maire @MaireBro (Kate is more mysterious). You can also email us on irishwriterspodcast@gmail.com.

Our snazzy theme tune, which you can hear from episode 2 onward was written and recorded by Gavin Mulhall.


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